Monday, November 12, 2007

Shimmy Cast Episode #48 - Springfield Interviews

Episode 48 is available for download.
44:04 minutes 21.6MB

In this episode you'll hear:
1) Answers to: What made you decide to join a troupe and what advice would you give to those considering joining a troupe?

The next question: What kind of audience do you like to perform for?

2)News - see forum board for links.

3) Review: The Art of Bellydance with Jillina Level I Reviewed by Alexial-Sama

4) Podcast-safe music: Cosmic Sunflower from the album Cinema of Dreams by Hans Christian, which is available at


6) Springfield Interviews, including my first interview with a male bellydancer!!

7)Podcast-safe music: Adios from the album Curandero by Curandero, which is available at


Beatrice said...

Hi there- any chance you could link to the download here? This is where I usually download from, and I'm not subscribed to any of the other sites.

Thanks in advance


Sassy said...

Hi Bea,

I've taken the link down, because there was a problem with the episode. I hope to fix it tonight or tomorrow. I'm sorry for the inconvience.

Thanks for your patience,


Beatrice said...

Cool! I'll look forward to that...

Sassy said...

Ok, I think it's fixed and I've reposted.