Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shimmy Cast Episode #47 - Round Table

Episode 47 is available for download.
45:11 minutes 21.7MB

In this episode you'll hear:
1) Answers to: What kind of support system do you have?

The next question: What made you decide to join a troupe and what advice would you give to those considering joining a troupe?

2)News - see forum board for links.

3) Review: Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss: Hip Hop, Hip Drop Reviewed Alexial-Sama

4) Podcast-safe music: Hoyd Hoy June from the album Ciri a Doro by The Headroom Project, which is available at magnatune.com.


6) Meira Nawal troupe round table

7)Podcast-safe music: Pan's Procession from the album Dreams from the Machine by Falik, which is available at magnatune.com.

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