Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shimmy Cast Episode #36

Episode 36 is available for download.
55:05 minutes 26.5MB

In this episode you'll hear:

1)Answers to the Question of the Week: How did you get into belly dance? What is your favorite prop and why? Do you dance barefoot or in shoes? What is your favorite dance move and why? Do you use a dance name and why? Where do you buy supplies for costumes? What kind of body art or adornment do you like?

The next question: How do you break down music when trying to choreograph?

2)A Brief Look at Turkish Oriental Dance in America by Marrakesh

3)Podcast-safe music: Kashlima from Rhythm of the Dance by Solace, which is available at

4)Review: Turkish Style Belly Dance with Elizabeth Artemis Mourat DVD reviewed by Marrakesh

5)News - see forum board for links.


7)Review: Sarah Skinner's I Love Turkish Bellydance DVD reviewed by Marrakesh

8)Podcast-safe music: Alevlen - saz (Turkish) from Qadim by Tim Rayborn, which is available at

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Shimmy Cast Episode #35 (Video)

Episode 35 is available for download.
5:36 minutes 23MB

A bonus episode featuring our new segment called "Move of the week." This week we are looking at snake arms.