Sunday, February 10, 2008

Shimmy Cast Episode #52 - Springfield Interviews

Episode 52 is available for download.
41:42 minutes 20.0MB

In this episode you'll hear:
1) Answers to: The one thing you must always have in your dance bag?

The next question: What has your greatest bellydance ephiphany been?

2)News - see forum board for links.

3) Review: East Coast Tribal Bellydance: Basics, Combinations & Strength Workout reviewed by Alexial-Sama

4) Podcast-safe music: Dance of the Wolfe by HatHead and it can be found on the Podcast Music Safe Network

5) Review: Bellydance Arms and Posture A Practice for Carriage, Coiling and Serpentine Stylization with Rachel Brice reviewed by Anala Rabari. Note: The reviewer purchased this DVD.

6) Emails/Feedback

7)More Springfield Interviews

8)Podcast-safe music: The Sheik and the Two Black Hounds by Secret Archives of the Vatican and it can be found on the Podcast Music Safe Network

1 comment:

Suzi said...

I've just discovered your podcast and am loving it!

The dvd's reviewed in this episode are two I have been looking at and am glad to get some more insight into them.

Keep up the good work!