Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shimmy Cast Episode #28

Episode 28 is available for download.
39:11 minutes 18.8MB

In this episode you'll hear:

1)Answers to the Question of the Week: Where do you listen to Shimmy Cast or what do you do when you listen to Shimmy Cast? Do you prefer to choreograph your dancing or do you prefer improvisation?

The next question: How often to you practice and for how long?

2)News - see forum board for links.

3)Review: A Time of Peace by the Brothers of the Baladi reviewed by Anala Rabari. Note: The reviewer purchased this CD.

4)Podcast-safe music: Betlehem Betlehem from the album Wintersongs by Kitka, which is available at


6)Article: Winter Traditions by Anala Rabari

7)Podcast-safe music: Zamuchi Se Bozha Majka from the album Wintersongs by Kitka, which is available at

1 comment:

Antimony said...

Hey there, I love your podcast (I listen every week!) but I wanted to clarify a little detail:

You mentioned that Armenia used the Julian calendar because it was part of the former Soviet Union, but the USSR used the Gregorian calendar (though the Tsars used the Julian calendar, so the change over coincided with the revolution) The reason that most Eastern and Greek Orthodox Christians (including Armenian Christians) celebrate Christmas on the sixth or seventh is because the churches use the Julian calendar, not the local governments. (This is the same reason Coptic Christians in Egypt celebrate on the 6th)

- Natalia