Monday, November 20, 2006

Shimmy Cast Episode #26

Episode 26 is available for download.
1:07:33 minutes 32.6MB

In this episode you'll hear:

1)Answers to the Question of the Week: How did you get into belly dance? What has been the most unusual place you've performed? Who are some of your favorite dancers (both on a local level and national, international level)? How did the dance affect your life style?

The next question: Where do you listen to Shimmy Cast or what do you do when you listen to Shimmy Cast?

2)Review: Tutankhamun And the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibit soundtrack. Note: The reviewer purchased this CD.

3)Podcast-safe music: Coconino from the album Music of Waters by Shira Kammen, which is available at


5)Chicago discussion.

Tutankhamun And the Golden Age of the Pharaohs

Tizi Melloul

6)Podcast-safe music: Voices in the Forest from the album Winter Moon by Rhonda Lorence, which is available at

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