Sunday, June 18, 2006

Shimmy Cast Episode #6

Episode 6 is available for download.
36:20 minutes 34.9MB

In this cast you'll hear:

1) Answers to the Question of the Week: How did you get into belly dance? What is your favorite prop and why? How has belly dance changed your life? What do you like to call this dance form?

My recommendation for another non-impact exercise program:
Callanetics with Callan Pinckney

The next question: What is your favorite dance move and why?



4)Nearly Everything You Need to Know about Swords by Anala Rabari

5)This week's Podcast-safe music was Taqsim from the album Star of The Sea by Stellamara, which is available at


Souhair said...
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Souhair said...


Great show! I loved the article on swords! keep up the fantastic work!!!

Sassy said...

Thank you for taking the time to encourage me with my work on the podcast. It's always nice to get your work validated!! I'm learning with podcasts that it is sometimes hard to tell if you are really suppling the listener with what they need/want; so when I get feedback I really try to pay attention and react accordingly.